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Balancing the books, paying off the mortgage, funding new inventory — finance can seem a bit dry at times, but it doesn’t always have to be boring. A loan can be provided for any number of reasons, and a lifestyle change is no exception. If you’re sick of sitting cooped up in the office and want to spend more time casting a line and enjoying the fresh air, speak to Peter Dunn Finance about how boat finance can help make your dreams a reality sooner rather than later.

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Buying a boat outright is a significant purchase, and requires you to fork out thousands of dollars upfront to cover the cost. This can be a perfectly viable option for those who have plenty of personal capital available, but what if you don’t fall into this category? Many different financial institutions offer loans for boats, caravans and similar purchases to help you manage cash flow more effectively and give you access to a better lifestyle as soon as possible. As a professional, experienced broker, we scour the market on your behalf and don’t represent any vested interest; this means that we make impartial recommendations based on your needs that you won’t get when comparing on your own.

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It doesn’t matter where you are, what boat you want or what your budget is — we’ll help you make sense of what’s available and suggest the best path to take with regard to your finances. We can even help you negotiate terms where possible to keep you in the best possible position while giving you more time to enjoy out on the water.

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