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Finding the right method of finance to purchase property is a big decision, and it can be enough to make your hair start falling out. Navigating the twists and turns on your own can be a nightmare, especially when you have to work your way through each bank individually. With us as your home loan broker, you get a service that goes well beyond simply comparing your options on paper. We meet with you personally so that we can truly understand your needs before guiding you to the best possible solution, whether it be for personal or commercial property.

interest only home loans

Looking for an effective finance strategy for your investment home loan? An interest only home loan could be the solution to fund your investment property.

If you are looking to invest in property – or are already an investor – an interest only mortgage limits your monthly repayments to just the interest.

The flexibility you get with an interest only investment loan can provide you greater control over your cash flow. With Bankwest this could allow you to make additional principal repayments when you have the available funds, or redirect your money to other investments.

why go interest only?

  • smaller monthly payments
  • free up cash flow
  • flexible payment schedule

Take into consideration:

The principal on the property is not reduced and when your term is up, you will have to pay it off. Make sure your future finances can support this.If you need help working out how much you can take out in a home loan and the respective monthly repayments,

Interest only mortgages can also be a part of your investment property strategy, potentially providing tax and gearing benefits.

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