Take Control of Your Finances

If you want to have complete control over your finances whether you are searching for the perfect home loan ,funds for your business, student loan or want to fill that last shortfall that keeps you from going on your long-awaited holiday, Peter Dunn finance can help you in any way. The competitive rates start from 3.71% and pre-approvals are available in less than 48 hours from over 20 different lenders.

Peter Dunn has been a finance and mortgage broker in Perth, Australia for over more than a decade with over 35 years of experience in accounting. With the long experience in the business and unrivalled industry knowledge Peter Dunn finance is equipped to find the best solution to your enquiry. The finance company is recognised as one of the best mortgage brokers in the industry. Finding the right loan can seem like an impossible task if you are not supported by the professional guidance of mortgage brokers. Peter Dunn finance takes the time to properly identify your needs before helping you minimise the hassle of the entire process.

From commercial property mortgages to interest-only home loans, we are here to help you lower the costs and set yourself up for success. The Peter Dunn finance has been recognised twice as a Sales Master by the Professional Lenders Association Network along with the Buyers Choice Mortgage Professional award. Whether you are looking to finance equipment, your business or anything else, we have the resources and the knowledge to guide you towards the best financial avenue.

The Peter Dunn finance services are based on building a lasting relationship with you. You can contact online at or call 0427 947 480 to make an enquiry and schedule a time to come and see us in person. Peter Dunn finance has qualifications such as a Diploma of Financial Services- Finance Broking Management and Financial Planning. Peter Dunn himself has served the Perth Metro Area for over 12 years. His previous experience of over 10 years as a Finance Broker and having owned and operated small businesses for 15 years his great knowledge will deliver a wealth of skills to you. He also worked for 20 years as a part of the management team in finance and accounting Australia’s largest telecommunications company. He has been twice recognised by the Professional Lenders Association Network as one of their Sales Masters and also received the Buyers Choice Mortgage Professional award in 2011.

When working with the Peter Dunn finance a variety of loans is available for you. The Lo Doc Loans require less documentation than standard home loan offerings. They are ideal for the self-employed and those with more complex financial structures. Home to Home Loan is perfect if you own an existing property and are looking to purchase an established home or constructing a new one. The products are based on short term finance to provide the ability to purchase a new property prior to the sale of an existing one. The Line of Credit Loan is an interest only variable rate home loan based around the equity you have in your property.

A limit is established based upon the value of your property and you are then able to use the Line of Credit facility up to the approved limit, just like you would use a credit card. The Variable Rate Loan is the most flexible of all loan types. It allows additional repayments, redraw and offset facilities. Variable rate products vary in flexibility with the Basic Variable rate home loan generally offering less flexibility than the Standard Variable Rate home loan. Interest Only Home Loan is also available for you to navigate the right method of finance to purchase property.