What happens if I change my mind & cancel my application for finance? If you have had a home loan approved by a lending specialist and decide not to go ahead with a purchase, you may incur a cancellation fee. If you are not sure or think you might change your mind, please contact Peter Dunn Finance to discuss the best options.

On most occasions Peter Dunn is paid directly by the bank – with access to over 25 lenders the mortgage and lending market is very competitive. The banks recognise this and pay Peter for referring the business to them. The great thing for the customer is that you get access to 25 banks in one location.

A default listing will remain on your file for a period of five years. So whilst you can’t change history, the best approach would be to ensure the rest of your credit history is ‘spotless’. If you would like a copy of your credit record, you can contact a credit reporting agency to ensure your default is listed as paid. Baycorp Advantage is Australia’s largest credit reporting agency and can be contacted via mycreditfile.com.au or by calling (02) 9464 6000. Non-Conforming Loans are products which cater for individuals with an impaired credit history. Peter Dunn Finance can tell you whether this type of loan can assist you.

The loan approval process depends on the borrower, the lender and the type of loan. The average loan can usually be approved in 48-72 hours after we receive your completed application. If you need an accurate estimate of the time it will take to approve your loan, contact Peter Dunn Finance.

This depends on a range of factors including your personal circumstances, the price of the property and any valuation that may be required (in this current environment we are finding that a bank valuation may not be the same as the purchase price). Depending on the lender, they may be prepared to lend up to 95% of the valuation, depending on your ability to repay. It’s worth noting that loans of more than 80% valuation often require mortgage insurance, which the borrower pays for.

To start the process, you need to make the initial contact.

You can contact Peter Dunn Finance by ringing 0427947480 or fill in the contact page on this website.

I arrange to meet with you to discuss your finance needs /goals. This is the important first stage in what will hopefully become a long-term relationship.

Following your first meeting I will draw up a draft plan and present it to you for your approval and further discussion. At this stage, we will discover all the details we need to hone and personalise the finance plan specifically for you.

Once you agree to my recommendations I can implement them on your behalf and commence an ongoing and comprehensive monitoring process to make sure everything remains on track.